2/3/2015 - Registration for the spring 2015 CSI Certificate/Certification Exams is now open

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Registration for the spring 2015 CSI Certificate/Certification Exams is now open. The new registration deadline and extended exam window are:

Registration deadline: March 13, 2015
Exam window: March 30, 2015 - May 9, 2015

By opening registration now and extending the exam window, CSI is allowing candidates the 8-12 weeks of study CSI's Strategic and Maintenance Certification Committees recommend. To keep registration easy during this truncated registration window, CSI will have only one registration deadline, and candidates will pay only the early registration exam fee. There will be no "final registration deadline" or associated higher price.

To register, candidates should visit www.csinet.org/certification. They'll be directed into CSI's new web portal (portal.csinet.org ), where they will first log in, and then select an exam under "Apply for New Certifications" on the right. Candidates who do not already have a profile with CSI will need to create one before they register.

Candidates who register online are processed faster than candidates who fax or mail in applications, which can affect their options when scheduling their exam at a testing center. I strongly encourage your candidates to register online.

We encourage candidates to focus their preparation using the appropriate Candidate Handbook and CSI Practice Guide at this time.  Certificate/Certification support materials, including study workbooks updated for this exam cycle, will be released through CSI's online store shortly. CSI will announce the release of these materials in CSI Weekly, in CSI's social media channels, and by email.

If your chapter is conducting a certificate/certification preparation program, I hope you'll take time to list your preparation program on www.csinet.org by completing this form. Chapter preparation programs listed here are often mentioned in CSI Weekly.

I apologize for the frustration and inconvenience this delay has caused your chapter and the candidates you are supporting. Thank you for all your effort to help members and potential members prepare for exams and become the experts that lead our industry.


Joy Davis, CSI, CCPR
Communications/Community/Web Director
Interim Programming Director

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