CSI SER Election Announcement for 2015 - Ballot

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Dear CSI Southeast Region member:

According to and to the best of the ability comply to Article XIII of the SE Region Bylaws, the Southeast Region FY15 Nominating Committee selected candidates for Region Board positions from submissions received from Region Members and Chapters. Appointments will be effective from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017.

The ballot is being distributed electronically via Survey Monkey to voting members via an e-mail.

For members who have opted out of receiving Institute e-mail or do not receive the survey ballot from Survey Monkey, a hard copy has been developed to be completed and returned to the president of your home chapter


Note this is only for those members who have opted to not receive the ballot via e-mail.


Fill out the attached ballot and give it to the president of your home chapter. <attach link to access the PDF of the ballot titled “CSI SER FY15 Ballot” here>


In order to be included in the final tally the completed ballot must be received by the nomination committee by closed of business on Friday February 6, 2015.


Thank you for your continued support of the Southeast Region of the CSI.

Wade Bevier; CSI, SER – FY15 President

John Robinson; SE Region Nomination Committee Chair


NOTE (1): Several candidates for the Secretary/Treasurer position were evaluated, however none of the potential candidates were able to commit to the board position at this time. At the request of Wade Bevier as Region President; Chip Hayward has agreed to stay on for another year (if needed) in this position. Anyone interested in serving as the Secretary/Treasurer, serving on one of the SER Committees, or other Board positions, should contact Wade Bevier or Tammy Overgaard for SER Board consideration.


NOTE (2): The region board has reviewed and determined that due to the content and logistics this election will not include any mailed ballots. The chapter presidents in each affected district will be notified to alert the members of their chapter to confirm any members in their chapter that will prefer receiving a paper ballot for this region board election.

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