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Welcome to the Southeast Region Website! 

Thanks to the latest governance changes, and subsequent Bylaws update, one big change we have undergone is reducing the size of our Board from six District Vice Presidents to two Region Directors – one covering the six chapters in Florida and one covering the six chapters in our northern states.  They are our liaisons between the chapters and the Board.  Please feel free to reach out to them with your concerns, comments, good news to share about the chapters, etc.  Their contact information is listed on our home page. 

We are four months into the 2016-17 fiscal year and the Southeast Region Board and Committees have some great things in the works for our members.   Our new Outreach Committee is working on ways to help our chapters reach potential members through presentations on the mission and value of CSI.   Our Membership Chair is connecting our chapters with each other for resources and support.  Another new committee, born from last year’s Task Team, the Spring Training Event Planning Committee, is well into plans for a new event that will bring together incoming and future chapter leaders and prepare them for their new role. The Awards Committee will be reviewing the current Awards Guide, and urging chapters to submit for recognition both from the Region and the Institute.  The Nominating Committee has presented us with a list of strong, focused and eager nominees for the upcoming election.   I am proud and excited that our Board and Committees are working so hard to improve the value of membership in CSI and the Southeast Region. 

Lastly, we are currently working to improve our Region web site.  Please bear with us as we go through some changes.

If you have any questions or would like to become more involved in the Southeast Region, either on the Board or a committee, please reach out to any one of the current Board members, again listed on the home page.  We always want to hear from you.  Remember . . . this is your Southeast Region.

Thank you,

Tammy Overgaard CSI, CDT
CSI Southeast Region President

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